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La Raza Lawyers of California is an independent unincorporated association of Lawyers organized in 1977 to support Chicano and Latino Lawyers in California and serve as a statewide network for local affiliate La Raza Lawyers Groups. We meet quarterly at various locations around the state and represent 16 different local organizations with over 2,000 attorneys. We are affiliated with the Hispanic National Bar Association.

Justice Miguel Marquez and California LRLA President Chris Arriola at the State Supreme Court.

Justice Miguel Marquez was sworn in as an Associate Justice to the 6th District Court of Appeals in San Jose in 2012 and pictured above he is at the swearing in of Justice Rosendo Pena to the 5th District Court of Appeals in Fresno at the California Supreme Court Chambers in San Francisco.  With two appointments the Governor as for the first time in California History that there is a Latino sitting in all 6 of the Appellate Courts in California.

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Upcomng Events and Meetings: 

 Annual Meeting:  October 1st at the State Bar Conference in San Diego, CA.  2 to 5pm.  Contact for more information.  

The Santa Clara La Raza Lawyers Annual Dinner: October 7th, 2016 in San Jose.  Please go to for more information or

The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Annual Dinner: October 7th, 2016 in San Diego.  Please go to for more information.





Patricia Castorena, President, San Jose,

Christopher Arriola, Secretary and Judicial Chair, San Jose,

Joel Murillo, Immediate Past President, Fresno (559) 834-9900

Mica Estremera, San Jose, Judicial Chair,

Beatriz Mejia, San Francisco, Treasurer,

Regional Officers & Judicial Chairs:

Juan Ramirez, Eastern District Vice-President
Fresno, CA (Includes 3rd and 5th DCA)

Xotchil Carrion, Northern District Vice-President/Statewide Judicial Chair
San Francisco (Includes all of 1st and 6th DCA)


Nadia Bermudez, Southern District Vice President, San Diego (Includes all of 4th DCA)

Efrain Aceves, Central District Vice President, (2nd DCA) Los Angeles,

Judicial Chairs:

Micael Estremera, Northern CA Chair, San Jose, CA


Eric Alderete, Southern CA Chair, Santa Ana, CA

Alberto Gonzalez, Sacramento, Sacramento,  




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Mendez v. Westminster (1947) was the Brown v. The Board of Education decision for Mexican Americans in California.

It was filed in 1946 by Gonzalo Mendez and a group of Orange County parents and community groups to force the segregated schools of Orange County to integrate Anglos and Mexican Americans.

The US Postal Service Issued a Stamp in September, 2007 honoring the Mendez Case.

Photo is the 1934 1st Grade Class at the "Mexican" Wilson School in Orange County, CA.


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